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Graduate Student receives recognition as a KITP Graduate Fellow for Fall 2014

Shreyashi Chakdar became the first graduate student from Physics Department, OSU to receive the recognition of becoming a Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics Graduate Fellow for Fall 2014. She is a graduate student in High Energy Physics Group (Theory), OSU working with Dr. Satya Nandi. The Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics (KITP) is a research institute of the University of California, Santa Barbara and is one of the most renowned institutes for theoretical physics in the world. The purpose of the KITP Graduate Fellowship Program is to offer a unique opportunity for a group of selected particle physics graduate students in the United States to spend a semester in KITP, participate in KITP research programs and collaborate with some of their Scientists. Four graduate students are selected from different US institutions in Fall 2014 semester as Graduate Fellows and Shreyashi Chakdar from OSU is one of them.

31 July 2014

AMO physicist receives a NSF CAREER Award

Dr. Liu received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award for her research on ultracold atoms, "Sodium Spinor Condensates and Their Applications in Quantum Information Science". The research supported under this CAREER award will apply a sodium spinor Bose-Einstein condensate to generate massive entanglement in the vicinity of Dicke states, and to create spin-squeezing via collectively coupling atoms to a light field with a quantum non-demolition measurement. The goals of this research are both of fundamental interest for advancing our understanding of quantum physics, and of technological significance.

14 May 2014

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