18 August 10

Syllabus attachment material from the university.

17 August 10

Ray optics is used to design optical systems and to optimize the quality of the images formed. Today there are a number of sophisticated programs for this purpose. The challenge is to know theory well enough to understand what the program output says. To this end we will use a free program called OSLO-EDU which may be downloaded to your computer from http://www.sinopt.com/. This is a version of a commercial optical design program with the more advanced features disabled. You should also download the OSLO reference and installation manuals.

This class will begin with paraxial optics and ground it with hands-on homework. A simple java programmed optical bench will be available for intuitive support. Then we will progress to stops and aberrations with hands on homework. This is followed by using the Oslo Edu optical design program to understand and optimize optical designs. Individual projects utilizing everything learned will serve as the major source of evaluation of this class.

Another optical design software package is Optics-Lab Software. This is used in the OSU Electrical Engineering optics course. To me it appears less sophisticated than OSLO, but I have not tried it as much as OSLO.

Your instructor uses Mathematica for mathematical calculations, homework, etc. You may be able to get a version of Mathematica from their website as part of an agreement with OSU, but anyone can get a Player for no cost.  I will post some Mathematica notebooks as tutorials.