Bruce J. Ackerson  Ph.D.

Professor of Physics

APS Fellow

I've been at Oklahoma State University thirty-nine years. While not as active as in the past, physics still excites me. After years of immersion in physics, one sees the world differently from other people. Some patterns in the world jump out of the background noise and beg to be understood. What causes them. What's the physics behind the pattern.

Heiligenschein, Holy Light or halo appears over my head in the early morning light. Dew drops form on springtime grass and scatter light back mostly in the direction of the sun. Glass beads are added to paint used for traffic signs and road markings. Headlights reflect back toward the driver. Bicycle reflectors do the same. Oh, and I saw it from an airplane as it moved across the ground for miles (picture to the right). The shadow of the airplane in the center proved too small to detect.