Bruce J. Ackerson


Department of Physics; Oklahoma State University; Stillwater, OK 74078; (405) 744-5796;



Date of Birth: February 13, 1948; Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska; Marital Status: Married (Elaine), Two Children (Christopher and John); Military Status: Honorable Discharge, USAF, 1974.


University of Colorado at Boulder----Ph.D., Physics, May 1976; Dissertation: Brownian Motion of Interacting Particles, Professor W. J. O'Sullivan, Research Director; M.S., Physics, May 1972; NSF Traineeship, University of Nebraska at Lincoln----B.S., Physics, May 1970; with distinction, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma.


1991-2003: Regents Professor of Physics, Oklahoma State University; 1995: Visiting Professor of Physics, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria Australia; 1986-1991: Professor of Physics, Oklahoma State University; 1987:Visiting Scientist, Royal Signals and Radar Est., Malvern, U.K; 1986: Visiting Professor, Rijks Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands; 1981-1986: Associate Professor of Physics, Oklahoma State University; 1977-1981: Assistant Professor of Physics, Oklahoma State University; 1976-1977: NBS-NRC Postdoctral Fellow, National Bureau of Standards, Boulder, Dr. Gerald Straty, Postdoctoral Advisor.


Fellow of the American Physical Society 2008, Regents Distinguished Teaching Award 1999; Invited Review for Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 1996; Sigma Xi Chapter Lectureship Award 1991; Appointed Regents Professor 1991, Re-appointed 1995; Special Editor for Phase Transitions for an issue devoted to phase transitions in colloidal suspensions, 1990; Advisory Editor for Physica, 1988 - 1991, Re-appointed 1991 - 1994; Chairman of Gordon Research Conference, "Dynamics of Macromolecular and Polyelectrolyte Solutions", February 1986; Cover of Science magazine 18 October 1985; NBS-NRC Postdoctral Fellow, 1976 - 1977 [Gerald Straty, Postdoctoral Advisor]; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma.

Notable publications

L. B. Chen, B. J. Ackerson and C. F. Zukoski, RHEOLOGICAL CONSEQUENCES OF MICROSTRUCUTRAL TRANSITIONS IN COLLOIDAL CRYSTALS, Journal of Rheology 38 193 (1994). [received the Society of Rheology paper of the year award].

B. J. Ackerson, J. B. Hayter, N. A. Clark and L. Cotter, NEUTRON SCATTERING FROM CHARGE STABILIZED SUSPENSIONS UNDERGOING SHEAR, Journal of Chemical Physics 84, 2344 (1986). [data appeared on the cover of Science Magazine, October 18, 1985].

A. Chowdhury, B. J. Ackerson and N. A. Clark, LASER INDUCED FREEZING, Physical Review Letters 55, 833 (1985). [cited as pioneering in the review by A.K. Sood, Physica A 224, 34 (1996); cited in Centennial Symposium Series review of renormalization group theory by D.R. Nelson, Bull. A.P.S. 44, 981 (1999)].

B. J. Ackerson, CORRELATIONS FOR INTERACTING BROWNIAN PARTICLES, Journal of Chemical Physics 64, 242 (1976). [cited as seminal in the review by P.N. Pusey and R.J.A. Tough, Dynamic Light Scattering and Velocimetry: Application of Photon Correlation Spectroscopy, edited by R. Pecora (Plenum, New York, 1984).]


U.S. Patent Number 5,139,611; Colloidal Spheres in Suspension, with P. N. Pusey.

U.S. Patent Number 6,100,976; Method and Apparatus for Fiber Optic Multiple Scattering Suppression.